Why Sell through a Pawn Shop?

Selling your items through a reputable pawn shop can be the fastest and easiest way for you to turn your items into cash. Why put up with Craigslist, ebay, or yard sales?

Sound Loan and Pawn has the funds to buy even your luxury toys. Keep in mind, however, that our primary service is to provide loans using items as collateral, so we never mark up our items for sale excessively.

Sound Loan and Pawn, Everett’s premiere high end pawn shop, will always try to pay top dollar.  If we can’t pay you what you are looking for, then you will receive an explanation and a reason as to why we can’t.

Sound Loan and Pawn will buy any valuable items.

Almost anything of value including gold, jewelry, diamonds, fine Swiss timepieces,  video games, DVDs, TVs, tools, bicycles, antiques, musical instruments, firearms-long guns, hand guns, quality outdoor equipment (high end backpacks, fishing gear - rods and reels, tackle boxes) & lots more.

Remember that your items are worth more with all the original boxes and papers that came with the original purchase. This is especially true of fine watches, original artwork, and authentic memorabilia.

Pawning vs Selling

Here are the basic differences between pawning and selling.

  • Ownership: The person selling something loses the ownership. A person pawning it doesn’t lose possession unless he defaults on the payment.
  • Status: If you pawn your stuff, you’re technically a debtor of the pawnbroker and owe him money.
  • When a sale is completed, there is no more any relationship between the buyer and the seller.
  • Time Bound: There is no binding of time in a sale. A pawning agreement is for a period of time, but can be extended.
  • Fees: The person pawning his possessions needs to pay a fee as agreed with the pawnbroker. There is no fee paid in a sale.
  • Money: More often than not, you will get a higher amount for sale than you’d get by pawning, provided you wait for the right buyer. The pawnbroker will very often lend you less than what the pawned goods are worth and you have to pay interest on it as well.